Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First entry in my new little green note book

When I started practice with Olsen & McFadden a little over a year ago, it became clear that much of my time was going to be spent working with clients in crisis. A large portion of my practice has consisted of divorce work and other family conflict, and after just a few months I could see that I needed to find ways to celebrate the little victories rather than get too caught up in all of the negative. So, I stopped off at a stationary store and picked up a beautiful little journal with a green fabric cover. This became my "little green note book," in which notes on the "good things" in my practice have been captured. That way, on the days that aren't as pleasant, I have a list of "good things" to look back on, and remember why it is that I do the work I do. In the practice of law, there's not a lot of opportunity to celebrate or congratulate. There is always (mostly) too much to do, to dwell on any one success, but somehow that same rule doesn't seem to apply to our failures. My little green book has been a reminder that the work is worth it, that people do need my help, and that the successes are worth the work.

It is only fitting, then, that today goes down in this new, online little note book. Today is the day that the Secretary of State confirmed the creation of First Ascent Law PS, my new solo practice. I am in the planning and transition stages, and have yet to formally announce the change, but I don't want to wait until things are official to start writing down the good things that go along with this. For those of you who have been so incredibly supportive and generous with your contributions to my career and this new venture, thank you so much. Please stay tuned for more news, and for many more entries in this little green book.

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Hello, fellow Kitsap blogger ... I was hoping to read your other blogs, if they're not too private and personal. Feel free to check mine out as well.