Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Can you help support Kitsap Legal Services?

As you may know, I am on the Board of Kitsap Legal Services, a local non-profit that serves low-income residents of Kitsap County who are in need of legal assistance in civil matters. In plain English, there is a huge population of people in our community who need help with basic "life" issues -- child custody, marriage and divorce, housing -- and who can't afford an attorney. Heck, a lot of people who aren't low-income feel that they can't afford an attorney when they need one -- but that's a different blog post.

KLS operates based on volunteered time from pro bono attorneys (like me and many others) and community support. Our biggest annual fundraiser is coming up this Friday, January 25th. If you would like to help support KLS, please contact me about donating an item for our fundraising auction, or, making a cash donation in lieu of an item. KLS is a 501(c)(3) so your contributions are tax-deductable, and they go to a really fantastic cause.

Thank you for your support.

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